Dave-Webwizard forum FAQ

1: I want to register for this forum, but can't find the register button. What gives?

This forum is a private forum, registration is by invitation only.

2: I want to invite a friend to join the forum, can you do it for me please !

You can do it yourself! The link is found in you user details updating screen (click update details, top right on the index page) or you can click

3: Why is your forum so private, what have you got to hide?

Nothing personally, it was originally on a private network and its users want to keep it that way.

4: I don't recognise your layout, is it heavily modified [forum name]?

Nope, hand coded from scratch by yours truely. It was a project to help me learn PHP and has gone through various versions and changes.

5: Can you add this feature ?

I will certainly try if i can, but bear in mind that i am the only person that writes this and find it hard to fit coding in. It has always been heavily user-driven and i like to keep it that way.

6: Now you have learnt PHP, why not move to [forum name]?

Because you can never learn too much! While it does lack a lot of commercial forums features, the ones that are there are highly specialised. I have never seen other forums where you can choose your names size and colour, it is designed to only use one line per thread/user, the bbcode box is highly specialised and simple to use... i could go on.

7: I found a bug! Wheres my prize?

Sorry no prize. You can report it
in this thread though and i will fix it as soon as i can, probably reporting back on why it happens and how i fixed it.

8: I am a n00b? whats this mean?

To indicate.. erm.. superior forum members, rankings are given on a logarthimic scale based on how much you have posted in the forum. The lowest rank is n00b (meaning someone new in l33tsp34k). As you contribute, you will gradually rise up the rankings.

9: Can i be an admin? How moderated is this forum?

There is no need yet for anyone else to be an admin. I am the only admin and i basically do no moderating - i like to let people say whatever they like. I can if i want to, but it would have to be pretty bad to need it...

10: I double posted ! What do i do

I know my forum is a little slow, but clicking post twice will not speed it up, and can cause a double post. Don't panic though, you can always delete one.

11: Wheres the delete option?

There is a delete button for a message on the right hand side of each message. There is also one when you edit a message.
You can also delete threads, but as this removes all the messages too i have moved it to the right hand side when editing to avoid accidental deletion.

12: Whats with the underlined letters? Whats this i hear about hotkeys?

I have added the ability to do some forum functions via the keyboard. Those that can be clearly indicated have been. Here is a complete list:
R, MGo to message box (to start writing a message)
B, PPrevious thread
<, [Takes you back one page, on both the index and a thread.
>, ]Takes you forward one page, on both the index and a thread.
NNext thread
CCreate New Thread
LLast Message of the current thread
IIndex Page
TTop of page
ESelects the last edit message/thread button when viewing a thread. Use shift+Tab to move to previous ones, and enter to select.
SIf you have something selected, it will search for it. If not, it will take you to the search page
HTakes you to the help page - this page.
FSelects the first thread on the front page. Use Tab to move down the list, and enter to select.

How to use codes in the Forum

This forum has a number of BBcode functions that can be put to use. All are accessable through the group of buttons above the message box.
This interface works in two steps: you select the text (indicated below like this)you want to enhance and click the correct button. The correct formating is applied for you. Its basically the same as applying formatting on a word processor.
Some functions need an extra value, for example links. These are indicated below like this.
Bold Formats the selected text in bold [B]This is bold[/B] - This is bold
Italic Formats the selected text in italic [i]This is Italic[/i] - This is Italic
Underline Underlines the selected text [u]This is Underlined[/u] - This is Underlined
Font size Resizes the selected text. Specify as a number. [size=5]This is size 5[size] - This is size 5
Font colour Gives the selected text a colour. Specify a named colour or a hexadecimal. [color=blue]This is blue[/color] - This is blue
Strikethrough Strikes through the selected text. [s]This is incorrect[/s] - This is incorrect
Image Add an image to your message. Select the address of the image in your message. The address must be available to the whole web, or it will not work. [img=http://www.dave-webwizard.com/example.jpg] -
Thumbnail Allows you to add a smaller version of a large image. Clicking on the image will open a new window with the large image in.
Works one of two ways:
1) [img w=100]http://www.images.com/34.jpg[/img]
2) [thumb=http://www.images.com/badger.gif]http://www.images.com/34.jpg[/thumb]
  1) Select the address of the large image, then specify a width of the image to resize it down
2) Select the address of the large image, then specify the address of the thumbnail image.
Link - Address Produces a link to a website from a selected address(url). Specify the text you want the link to display as. [url=http://www.dave-webizard.com]My website[/url] - My website
Link - text Produces a link to a website with the selected text. Specify the address(url) you want to link to. [url=http://www.dave-webizard.com]My website[/url] - My website
Code Formats the selected text as plain text, displaying all code [code]This is code[/code]
Quote Changes the selected text to a quote. Specify the quote author. [quote name=fred]
Fred said this[/quote]
FAQs - Frequently asked questions about DWW forum
Hotkeys - How to do most forum functions without a mouse
BBcodes - What those buttons do above the message box
Browsing - How to navigate through and use the forum
Searching - How to get the best out of searching
Posting - How to quote, edit and post messages
User - fill in details, invite friends & customise