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Hotkeys on DWW forum

I have added the ability to do some forum functions via the keyboard. Those that can be clearly indicated have been. Here is a complete list:
R, MGo to message box (to start writing a message)
B, PPrevious thread
<, [Takes you back one page, on both the index and a thread.
>, ]Takes you forward one page, on both the index and a thread.
NNext thread
LLast Message of the current thread
IIndex Page
TTop of page
ESelects the last edit message/thread button when viewing a thread. Use shift+Tab to move to previous ones, and enter to select.
SIf you have something selected, it will search for it. If not, it will take you to the search page
HTakes you to the help page - this page.
FSelects the first thread on the front page. Use Tab to move down the list, and enter to select.
UTakes you to the user details page
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