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User details

The user details page can be found by clicking 'user details' on the index page, or you can click your name anywhere in the forum and then click 'Update Details' in the top right corner.


This page holds general contact information. The current information is shown above so you can see what it looks like.
Display name - with these options, you can customise the colour, size and style of how your name is shown.
Contact details - Only the e-mail address is required. You can decide which contact details you want others to see (if any) by ticking the boxes next to them. If you fill in the Homepage, everyone will be able to see it.

Profile and signature

This page allows you to write a signature which goes below every message you have/will post and to provide other infomation in the profile. The boxes work exactly like writing a message, with all the same options. Read the posting help page for more information.

Change Password

To change your password, first enter your current one into the top box, then type the new password in the other two (the 2nd one is to make sure you don't get it wrong).

Forum Options

In this page there are a number of options to customise the forum.
  • Hide Images: Will disable all images in messages, and provide a link to them instead. Good for saving bandwith and for browsing at work. Will not disable local smilies.
  • Hide Signatures: Disables signatures so you only see the body of peoples messages. Can be useful in a work situation.
  • Skin: Provides a number of colour schemes for the forum. Feel free to design your own and send them to me !
  • Refresh: Will automatically refresh the index page after the selected number of seconds. Handy if you aways have the forum open.

Invite a Friend

This page allows you to invite a friend into the private forum. This is the only way that new people can join, for securities sake. Ask your friend what username they want (make sure to spell and capitalise it properly - it cannot be changed !) and what e-mail address to use (make sure it is correct !). They will almost instantly get an e-mail with a temporary password. Then they can login and change the password and other user details.
If the e-mail does not come through within an hour, make sure it did not get blocked by a virus checker before you contact me - Hotmails defaults for instance send new e-mails to junk if the address is not known. The e-mail address it will be coming from is "dave 'at' dave-webwizard.com".
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