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How to post, edit and quote in the forum

Though it is designed to be as easy to use as possible, some people may find it difficult to use the forum at first. This help page is for those people.

Posting when applied to forums means to write a message and then publish it in a relevent place. With this forum, there are two places you can post a message - as a new thread, or when replying to an existing thread.

Posting your first message

First, browse to where you want to post. If you want to make a new thread, first check that no-one has written one bfore on the same subject - check the index and use the search function to make sure. If you have to make a new thread, click the 'create new thread' button on the index page, press 'C' when not typing in a box or point to the index button in the logo and click 'New thread'.
If you have found a thread you want to reply to, scroll to the bottom (or use the hotkey 'R') and start typing in the message box.

Writing a message or thread

If you just want to type something, type away and when done hit 'Post' or 'Post Reply'. Hitting 'Preview' or 'Preview Reply' will allow you to check the message back before you post it.
If you are creating a new thread, you will also need to type an appropiate title in the 'Thread title' box.

Changing the look of a thread title

This forum has a number of options to make a title show up on the index page by looking different. If you want it to be bold or italic (or both) click the appropiate boxes under the title. You can also change the colour by using the list underneath the title box.

Adding other content to a message

This forum can do a lot more than plain text. To add a 'smilie', position the cursor in the right place in your message, then click the face in the box to the left of your message that you want to use. Its that easy !
To add other content, such as bold text, links and images, use the bbcode buttons above the message box. Read the BBcode help page for more information.

Editing and deleting messages/threads

If you made a mistake or want to add something to your message, find the message you posted and then click the 'Edit Message' or 'Edit Thread' in the darker bar above your message. The page that loads will have your message in and you can change it as required. If you are editing a thread you can also change the title.
To delete a message, you can either click the button in the darker bar above your message, or the 'delete message' button above the message box when editing.
You can delete threads, but as this deletes everything in it, the button is in the top right corner when editing the thread.
Note that you can only edit or delete your own messages.

Quoting someone in your messages

A very powerful function of forums is to reply directly to someone elses message earlier in the thread. This is called quoting - you quote the message (or part of the message) you want to reply to, then type your reply underneath.
To do this, first position your cursor where you want to put the quote, then click the quote button in the message you want to quote. If you don't want to quote the whole message, use your mouse (click and drag) to select the area you do want to quote, then click the same quote button.
If the message you want to quote does not appear on the same page, you can use the BBCode quote button to add it, or to quote anything else. Read the BBcode help page for more information.
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