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How to use codes in the Forum

This forum has a number of BBcode functions that can be put to use. All are accessable through the group of buttons above the message box.
This interface works in two steps: you select the text (indicated below like this)you want to enhance and click the correct button. The correct formating is applied for you. Its basically the same as applying formatting on a word processor.
Some functions need an extra value, for example links. These are indicated below like this. Examples are also provided when you point to the buttons with your mouse.
Bold Formats the selected text in bold [B]This is bold[/B] - This is bold
Italic Formats the selected text in italic [i]This is Italic[/i] - This is Italic
Underline Underlines the selected text [u]This is Underlined[/u] - This is Underlined
Font size Resizes the selected text. Specify as a number. [size=5]This is size 5[size] - This is size 5
Font colour Gives the selected text a colour. Specify a named colour or a hexadecimal. [color=blue]This is blue[/color] - This is blue
Strikethrough Strikes through the selected text. [s]This is incorrect[/s] - This is incorrect
Image Add an image to your message. Select the address of the image in your message. The address must be available to the whole web, or it will not work. [img=http://www.dave-webwizard.com/example.jpg] -
Thumbnail Allows you to add a smaller version of a large image. Clicking on the image will open a new window with the large image in.
Works one of two ways:
1) [img w=100]http://www.images.com/34.jpg[/img]
2) [thumb=http://www.images.com/badger.gif]http://www.images.com/34.jpg[/thumb]
  1) Select the address of the large image, then specify a width of the image to resize it down
2) Select the address of the large image, then specify the address of the thumbnail image.
Link - Address Produces a link to a website from a selected address(url). Specify the text you want the link to display as. [url=http://www.dave-webizard.com]My website[/url] - My website
Link - text Produces a link to a website with the selected text. Specify the address(url) you want to link to. [url=http://www.dave-webizard.com]My website[/url] - My website
Code Formats the selected text as plain text, displaying all code [code]This is code[/code]
Quote Changes the selected text to a quote. Specify the quote author. [quote name=fred]
Fred said this[/quote]
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