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How to browse through the forum

Though it is designed to be as easy to use as possible, some people may find it difficult to use the forum at first. This help page is for those people.

Index page

The index page is the main page of the forum. Here is a sample from the index, with details of what each part means and what it does.

Thread view

Once you have selected your thread, this is the page you will see. This picture describes what each part means and what every button will do

For information on the other buttons, read the posting help.

Extra forum features

In the userdetails page(linked from the index page, or click on your name anywhere in the forum) there are a number of options to customise the forum.
  • Hide Images: Will disable all images in messages, and provide a link to them instead. Good for saving bandwith and for browsing at work. Will not disable local smilies.
  • Hide Signatures: Disables signatures so you only see the body of peoples messages. Can be useful in a work situation.
  • Skin: Provides a number of colour schemes for the forum. Feel free to design your own and send them to me !
  • Refresh: Will automatically refresh the index page after the selected number of seconds. Handy if you aways have the forum open.
FAQs - Frequently asked questions about DWW forum
Hotkeys - How to do most forum functions without a mouse
BBcodes - What those buttons do above the message box
Browsing - How to navigate through and use the forum
Searching - How to get the best out of searching
Posting - How to quote, edit and post messages
User - fill in details, invite friends & customise