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How to use the searching functions of the forum

There are many different ways to search this forum, and not all of them are obvious. This page will describe them all.

Simple Searching

There are two easy ways to do a quick search:

  1. Select the word(s) you wish to search for, and then press 'S'. A page will load detailing every thread that has a message containing that word
  2. Type a word into the search field at the top right corner, and click search. You can get to the field quickly by pressing the 'S' key with nothing selected.
Search Results

Once you have performed a simple search, the search results page will open. The results look like the index page, but there are subtle differences.
If you have searched on titles, matches of these are at the top, have a different background colour and the word is highlighted.

Threads that have many messages containing the words you searched have the message number listed after the thread name like page numbers are on the index page. Clicking on the thread name will take you to the most recent post, but you can go to other results by clicking the number
Clicking on names of thread titles that have matched will take you to the first post in that thread.

Advanced Searching

The search page (you can get to it by performing a search, clicking search on the front page, or the top right or in the menu that drops down from the index button) has many ways to search on.

You can search on more than one word - seperate multiple words by spaces.
  • Titles/messages select titles to only search the titles of threads. You can select both as well. Default is just searching messages.
  • All the words will only match messages/titles that contain all the words you type. This is the default selection. For example, "cat dog" will return messages that have both cat and dog in them
  • Exact sentence will only match titles/messages that have the words you specified exactly as you typed. This is like using quotes on google. For example, "the cat sat on the mat" will only match messages that have that exact configuration of words. It wouldn't match "The boy had a cat. It sat on the mat"
  • Any of the words will match one or more of the words you specify. For example, "cat dog" will return messages theat have either cat or dog in them.
  • Username allows you to search for threads/messages only by that author. If you click on a name anywhere in the forum, the user information page allows quick access to these with "find these" links next to the number of threads/messages thay have posted. You can also specify words to look for within their posts.
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