The specs of my computers

the box

SLAVE (Test web server/ICS/Media/Download/Fileserver)

This is a picture of the internals of this computer. When you point to the various parts, it will tell you about them. Clicking on them will take you to a relevent webpage.

my computer
Other parts of computer:
22" Hitachi LCD-TV & Viewsonic vp171s
Keyboard: Cordless USB radio keyboard/mouse from Arianet
Mouse: Arianet wireless rechargable optical
Intended Changes:Extra HDD for file serving


Yes, i have bought another shuttle. This one is based on the i865 for Pentium 4 at 800fsb.
CPU: 2.8c (800fsb) Pentium 4, running at 3.0Ghz (215 fsb, 1.65v)
Memory: 1024MB DDR (running at 192Mhz, cas 2.5)
Graphics card: ATI radeon 9800 pro
Monitor: Hitiachi CML174SXB and Viewsonic 171s
Motherboard: Shuttle SFF SB61G2
OnBoard: Network,5.1 digital sound, Basic video, Usb2, firewire, sata
Sound: Audigy 2 ZS
Hard drive: 120GB Hitachi/IBM 8MB
CD-rom: Pioneer 4x DVD+-r
Power supply: Specially designed 200W
Cooling: Specially designed heatpipe with sunon 80mm fan
Input: Logitech MX700 mouse, Internet navigator keyboard
Other hardware: Usb2.0 Card reader/floppy in 3.5" slot, Iriver ihp120 20GB HDD based mp3 player, 2MP 3x optical zoom Fuji Digital camera, Compaq Aero 2100 Palmsize
Printer/scanner: Samsung ML-1510 laser, Canoscan FB630U, Scanmagic 600cp
Intended changes:None besides a brand new system next year

LIBRETTO (very portable laptop)

This is my 'Notebook' computer - the difference being that it is only the size of a video cassete. It is a Toshiba Libretto 50CT, running windows 98. It is mainly my portable word proccessor, but it can run games - I have Red alert and Quake I on it. The sound is 16 bit stereo, and it can just about play mp3s as long as nothing else is running. The main downside is battery life - i am lucky to get more than an hour or 2 out of it - but this is to be expected in one so small and old. You can buy better batteries for it now, which I am looking into. See this site for more information about librettos
I expect a few people are interested in getting one. Well, they are no longer in production and scale right from 66 to 266MHz. I suggest looking for the newer 100 and 110cts as they have at least 166MHz and many other features. I paid 250 for mine at a shop in Cambridge. I suggest trying ebay and other auction sites.
CPU: Mobile Pentium 75
Memory: 32MB edo (upgradeable to 64mb)
PCMCIA cards: 3Com 10Mbit network, floppy drive
Hard drive: 2.1GB
Ports Serial, parallel + VGA with port replicator, type II PCMCIA, 15V DC, Infrared