Computer information sites

Toms hardware - the best known site. Has reviews and articles stretching back to the days of the pentium.
anandtech - the site I use most. Has superb news and reviews.
Hardocp - A very good site for news. also does reviews on occasion.
Sharkyextreme - used to be a lot better, but now it is updated every few days, and the news is usually old. good price guides though.

Buying hardware - The store i buy most of my (new) hardware from. Delivery is a bit costly, but they deliver anywhere. Latest hardware at good prices. - Another good store. Their today only offers are their best feature, but they only ship to card addresses with proof. - Also very good, with special offers. Delivery is cheap, but once again - card address only with further proof.
tekheads - not one i have used, but i am reliably informed they are good. - If you can't find the hardware in the first lot, you will find it here. The biggest selection i have ever seen.

Creating websites

Before i came to uni, i knew next to nothing about creating sites. Now i have my own webserver with self written serverside scripts in PHP, pages using mixtures of php, javascript and advanced HTML. And no, i did not learn it on my course.....
Sizzling Jalfrezi - The most complete HTML codes list, with guides from tables to imagemaps, style sheets and frames
JavaScript Source - Where i learnt my javascript. First i took existing scripts, then i altered them for my needs, then i learnt to write my own - the official PHP site, complete documentation to the language, with guides and examples.
Hitmatic - The free counter i used to use for statistics on my pages.

Other sites

This is for sites that don't fit into the above categories
Netgamer society - The netgamer society webpage, if you are into networked games, go there !

Last modified: 01/06/2005