Items for sale

80mm case fans
One sunon 3 pin, 2 generic 4 pin. 3 each
SDR-ram dimms
1x32MB non-eec 5
3DFX Voodoo 2s
A classic 3d accelerator. Perfect for a pc without an AGP slot which needs to play half-life. 10 for a pair with sli and passthrough, 7 for single with passthrough, 5 for single card
4x, 1 passthrough cable, one SLI adaptor
epson stylus 440/640/740 Color cart, black cart for 740/760
Unopened, useby date 09/2003. 7 for both
Many Cables
kettle plug leads, s-video cables, udma-33 cables, floppy cable and 2xparallel printer cables. 1 each
EDO ram
Not sure what size. Any offers.
Network Cards for 10 each. This is 1/3 less than the price IT Services charge, and you'll get a suitable UTP cable included (remember, IT Services would charge you an extra 4 for the privilege).

If you're interested, or know people who are (especially freshers who haven't connected yet), feel free to contact me via ICQ (13350579) or by internal phone on 5233