CPU Upgrade guide


Pentium 4D - 8xx and 9xx series
Literally two Pentium 4s stuck together. Due to power constraints, it was not possible to maintain clock speeds with the single cores - they stop at 3.8, but Pentium D never got beyond 3.4. Due to no shared cache or low latency memory controller like the AMD chips, it could not compete with the AMD series and still had the "Presshot" condition of course.
A shrink to 65nm (9xx code) made a small difference in heat and power usage, but the Pentium 4 archictecture just could not compete with AMDs chips, despite doubling the cache. Celerons were never released in dual core designs.
Pentium EE
Only a few EEs were produced, one is a dual core 3.46 on a 1066FSB, the others are single cores, some on 1066. The only other difference was that they had unlocked pipes, but price was prohibutive.
Core Duo
Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Quadro


Athlon X2
Athlon AM2
Sempron AM2
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